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Sarah Waggoner

The Top Apps I use For my Etsy Shop Every week

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You don’t need a lot to run your Etsy shop. But when you start wanting to spend your time more effectively and grow more quickly, there are a lot of apps and services out there to help!

Here are my favorites!


Canva is a photo editing and graphic design software that is so easy to use. Edit and resize photos, create social media graphics and more. I love using the app to create social media and story posts on the go. The free plan includes a ton of features! The paid plan is reasonably priced and includes extra stock photos and features like a super easy to use background remover. Check it out here.


For more advanced photo editing and photo storage management, Lightroom is an amazing choice used by even professional photographers. It’s not as user friendly as online programs like Canva, but so much more robust.


Snapseed is my go to mobile app for editing photos. It’s easy to use and free! It includes filter presets and even more detailed options for spot edits like removing specs of dust, etc.

Marmalead and eRank

I’ll start by saying that you don’t need a keyword research tool to have good SEO on Etsy. But I use both eRank and Marmalead for a variety of reasons when doing my keyword research. From brainstorming new ideas to deciding between two good keyword phrase options, both eRank and Marmalead can help you!


Need to edit video? Social media platforms want more and more focus on video and I love InShot for making Instagram Reels and more. You can easily add text, music, and change the play speed.

The Hashtag Files

Speaking of Instagram….The Hashtag files is my must have app for my Instagram posts. They hand pick hashtags with the correct number of uses (not too low and not so busy that you get ignored) and make sure that none of them are banned. Plus Courtney is an amazingly fun instructor. Check it out here.


Tailwind is my go to tool for scheduling my Instagram feed posts and Pinterest pins. I love their analytics and ease of use. Click here for a free trial.


Need a free scheduling option for Instagram? Later is a great option! The free plan has some limitations on how many posts you can schedule and when you can schedule them, but works well! Use this link for an extra 10 free posts when you sign up.


Notability is like the iPhone notes app but 10 times better. Write or type into notes that you can then name and organize by subject. I use this app for keeping track of product ideas, podcast topics, and for planning out my goals. You can even import PDFs so you can write in worksheets or digital calendars. There are so many uses! I have the app on my phone and computer and the two apps sync perfectly. Grab it in the iTunes store here.


This one is less about productivity and more about keeping you entertained for hours while you’re making products or scheduling social media posts. Scribd is an audiobook subscription service with thousands of books for only $10/month. I’ve listened to dozens of business, finances, and fiction books while working. Bonus? Subscribers get free Pandora Premium! Get a free month with this link.

I use so many apps and services for my business, but these are the 10 I couldn’t live without every week. From productivity to entertainment, they all help me with my business in different ways.

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