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Sarah Waggoner

The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy, Part 2

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You set your goals (after reading Part 1) and that’s awesome, but you don’t have a shop without products, right? What most Etsy sellers do is throw up some random products, slap on a price that looks competitive, and call it a day. A few months later you realize that not only is that not going to get you a million sales, but also that it’s not going to get you any profit either. There’s actually a lot more to consider before adding a lot of product listings to Etsy. Keep reading for the top 3.

Target Market

Yeah you can probably make products for teens, moms, dads, grandmas, and dogs. But if your shop doesn’t make sense, any traffic you do get is going to jump right out and into another shop instead of scrolling through a bunch of stuff that doesn’t apply to them.

Unpopular opinion…you don’t need to know that your ideal customer is named “Jen,” has 2.3 kids, lives in Texas, and watches The Bachelor while eating popcorn after the kids go to bed when your business is still new. But you do need a general idea of who you are selling to. (And the answer can’t be everyone…)

Product Lines

Once you know who you are selling to, your next step is knowing what they’re buying and filling your shop with that product.

Full product lines are important to help you get found in search and to increase your conversion rate. Imagine walking into a local shop looking for a tshirt. But the boutique only has one….and it’s not your favorite. You and I both know that you’re leaving to go find an shop that has a full set of tshirts so you can choose one you love.

Your Etsy shop is just like that. Customers aren’t going to stay in your shop for long if you can’t give them options.


What I’m not ever going to tell you here is to lower your prices. Competing solely based on price on Etsy is a recipe for burnout. Instead, you need to know exactly what your products cost you to make, factor in your time, and make a profit you can be proud of.

Want to learn more about the other 4 parts of my framework? Products are only step 2! Grab the rest of the steps here.



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