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Sarah Waggoner

The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy, Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy. Part 3 is where most Etsy sellers start. Why? Promotion and marketing seems like the easy part! You think you’ll make a couple of posts on Instagram and start getting sales. It doesn’t take too long to realize that it isn’t going to happen quite like that.

Why? Because social media is just as saturated (if not more so) than Etsy is. To stand out you need to follow a few easy steps.

Pick a Platform

Not all the platforms. Just one.


If you try to be everywhere all the time, you’re going to be ineffective at growing your audience everywhere. You’re not going to see a lot of results. And you’re going to give up.

So pick one platform. Get really, really good at it. Find and grow your audience. Start making sales from that one platform. Then when you’re getting consistent sales from that one platform, you can consider adding a new one.

Pick a Schedule

This is going to be different for every platform.

If you’re hanging out on Instagram, you might want to do stories a few times a day, post in the feed a few times per week, and do a new reel every week.

Facebook more your style? Try posting twice a day and going live every week.

Make sure you pick something that you can be consistent with.

Have Fun

If you’re telling yourself how much you hate social media every time you head on over to check in, then guess what? You’re probably not going to make any sales.

The copy you write, the photos you post, the comments you make. Your attitude is going to come across in everything you do no matter what platform you’ve picked. So find a way to make it fun!


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