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Sarah Waggoner

The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy, Part 4

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All good things must come to an end and here we are at the end of the Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy. In parts 1-3, we’ve covered planning, products, and promotion. Today we’re going to take about performance (AKA your stats).

Most sellers I talk to don’t regularly check their stats. And if they do, they certainly don’t do anything with them.

But you can get a lot of really important information here. Here are the two most important stats to know.


So much of selling on Etsy comes down to traffic. How many visits are you getting per day and where are they coming from? Then use this information to help tell you what to do next.

Spending a lot of time on Instagram, but not getting any traffic? Now you need to figure out how to change your strategy to get more traffic.

Working on your Search Engine Optimization, but your Etsy Search views aren’t improving? You need a new SEO strategy.

If you don’t regularly check out your stats page, make a plan to dive deep into it once per month. You’re going to learn so much about what’s working for your shop and what’s not.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is how many sales you get per 100 visits. You can find this number calculated for you on your stats page. A normal conversion rate is between 1-3%.

Is your conversion rate above average? Great! Now all you need is more traffic to get more sales!

Below that? There are hundreds of things that might be affecting this. It could be anything from your photos to your reviews, processing times, shipping charges, or descriptions. What are customers asking you about? That’s a great place to start.

The last important thing to remember about your conversion rate is that if you aren’t getting at least 100 visits every 30 days, then you probably don’t have a real accurate assessment of what your true conversion rate. If that’s the case, focus on traffic before editing your listings.

Now what?

We made it through all 4 parts of The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy. Spend some time thinking about what stage you’re on. Then sign up for my free masterclass to learn more about my framework!



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