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What can you sell on Etsy?

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Etsy is a marketplace that’s gaining more and more buyers. If you’re looking to start a side hustle or make more money online, it’s a great place to start or grow your business. But what can you sell on Etsy? Let’s talk about your options.


This is the largest category of sellers on Etsy. Handmade products can be physical or digital, but they need to be made or designed by you. Here are some of the best categories to sell in.

Physical Products

The are hundreds of types of physical products you can sell on Etsy. From jewelry, to home decor, to clothing and more. Some of the top sellers on Etsy make stickers, minimalist jewelry, giftable items, and art. Need some ideas on what to sell for physical products? I recommend picking something that sounds fun and not worrying only about what you think will sell best. There is a buyer for every product on Etsy and making something you enjoy is an important part of growing your business.

Print on Demand

Etsy considers print on demand products to be “handmade” because you have designed them. Places like Printed Mint, Printify, and Printful are all popular print on demand companies.

These companies will let you upload your digital artwork and then they’ll print your designs on shirts, totes, pillows, and almost anything else you can think of. Then they will drop-ship those finished items to your customers.

The profit margins aren’t as high as when you make the items yourself, but the risk is very low because you aren’t buying the stock prior to making a sale on Etsy.

Digital Products

Digital products are also in the handmade category on Etsy. Your hands are making the designs, so you can sell it on Etsy. And there are hundreds of product options for you to create.

Popular digital products include invitation downloads, social media templates, digital planners, SVG’s, digital patterns, and more. These categories will continue to grow in the upcoming years as consumer demand increases.


If you prefer not to make anything, selling supplies on Etsy might be a great choice for you. You’ll want to have a plan for distinguishing yourself and your listings from your competitors. If you don’t compete on niche, you’re competing on price. And that’s a race to the bottom for profits. So make sure you’re able to source unique supplies that give you the profit you need to run a business that works for you.


Vintage items are also allowed to be sold on Etsy. Etsy defines vintage as being at least 20 years old. If you’re someone who loves to thrift and go to estate sales, opening a vintage shop on Etsy can be a great way to earn some extra cash.

What should you sell on Etsy?

So with all of those options available, what should you sell on Etsy? The answer may surprise you.

Sell anything you want!

With all of these options available to sell on Etsy, you should build a business that you truly love and enjoy. You can make anything you sell work on Etsy because they have millions and millions of buyers on the platform. So when you start by selling something that you love and you’re excited about, you’ll be less likely to get burnt out and more likely to hit your revenue goals and grow year after year.


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