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Sarah Waggoner

What I would do if I were starting over today.

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I’ve been a seller on Etsy for over 7 years now. I’ve had two shops. And I’ve accomplished goals that I never would have dreamed were possible in 2013. But if I had to start all over again, there’s still one big thing I would do differently.

Ditch the Shiny Object Syndrome.

When I started my current shop, I sold a dozen different items from my print on demand supplier. Make up bags. Totes. Shower curtains. Duvets. Blankets. Shirts. Pillow covers. Prints.

Maybe a few other things that I can’t remember…(cringe).

Guess how many I sold well.

About 2 and a half.

Here’s what’s better.

Pick one. Make it successful. Really, really successful.

Perfecting one thing and selling it every single day before you move onto the next is easier, more reliable, and much less stressful.

You’re going to hone in on a really specific target market and get known for doing that one thing well.

And here’s who it works for.

Literally everyone who wants more sales.

Every seller can benefit from focusing more on one product or product line.

Have a couple of bestsellers. Awesome. Bet you can get more!

Not making any sales yet? Even better. You’re going to get more sales faster if you focus.

So what do you do next?

Pick your focus now.

Need help? I got ya!

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Sarah Waggoner is a full time Etsy Seller with over $700,000 in sales. She helps handmade and digital sellers get daily sales on Etsy without all the complications.

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