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What Is A Good Conversion Rate On Etsy?

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Your conversion rate on Etsy is a really important indicator of the health of your business. So let’s learn more about it!

What is a conversion rate?

Your conversion rate is the number of sales you get for every 100 visits to your Etsy shop. (Want to learn more about Views vs. Visits? Check out this article here.)

It tells you how many people who see your shop, convert to buy something.

How do I calculate my conversion rate on Etsy?

You can see you conversion rate on your Etsy stats page. That looks something like this.

You can see here that Etsy has calculated my conversion rate for me. They display this on your stats page for you.

You can also calculate your conversion on your own! The math is pretty simple. Take the number of sales you’ve had divided by your number of visits times 100.

Let’s do that for my example above. 353 orders/12,400 visits = 0.028 x 100 = 2.8%. (Etsy has rounded 12.4k visits in the above photos which is why the numbers don’t match exactly.)

You can use this same equation for your shop as a whole or for individual listings.

What is a normal conversion rate?

A normal conversion rate for your Etsy shop is between 1-3%. If yours is in that range, congrats! Now you just need more traffic to get more sales.

If your conversion rate is higher than that, double congrats! That is a really good thing! Now you just need more traffic to get even more sales!

If your conversion rate on Etsy is lower than that, then let’s figure out how to improve it!

How do I improve my conversion rate?

Your conversion rate can be affected by hundreds of different things. If you want to improve yours, here’s what to look at improving:

  • Processing times

  • Shipping costs

  • Listing descriptions

  • Photos

  • Keywords

  • Variations

  • and more…

Read this article next to learn more about how to improve your conversion rate. See you there!


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