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What is Etsy Marketing and SEO?

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If you’re confused about the Etsy Marketing and SEO category in your Etsy stats, then you aren’t alone. Let’s learn about what this category means.

Where to find this stat

Head to your stats page and scroll down to this graph to find your Etsy Marketing and SEO stat. You’ll find a graph that looks like this. You can see the “Etsy Marketing and SEO” category on the bottom next to the green icon. The number next to that is how much traffic you’ve gotten from this category in the time period selected.

Etsy Marketing and SEO Explained

What it means

Now that you’ve found the stat, what does it mean? This is often confusing for Etsy sellers because we talk about your SEO on Etsy being so important. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from your tags and titles is the Etsy App and Etsy Search categories in the image above. When a buyer does a search on Etsy or on the Etsy App and clicks on your listing it goes into one of those two categories.

Etsy Marketing and SEO is what Etsy themselves is doing for marketing and SEO. When you do a search on Google, for example, and see and Etsy page popping up like in the example below, that’s the SEO that Etsy is doing to show up in those searches on search engines.

You can see that Etsy ranks number one on Google for the search “Handmade Planters.” That search page then takes you to a search result page like this.

What you should do about it

There’s nothing you can do change what Etsy is ranking for on Google. And getting individual listings to rank on Google over Etsy will be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. So what can you do about this stat? You can rank on Etsy using your Etsy Search techniques.

Because these google searches lead to Etsy search pages instead of individual listings, your goal should be to format your Etsy listings for Etsy search views to rank on these pages.

And that’s good news! Because Etsy SEO is way easier than competing against the entire internet on Google and once you learn Etsy SEO to rank in Etsy Search, it’s easy to watch your traffic multiply in all of the categories shown above.

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