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Sarah Waggoner

Etsy pattern is a way that Etsy sellers can easily set up their own website. It’s connected and synced with your Etsy shop to make having your own URL and storefront simple. But just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s a good choice. Let’s talk about why.

What do you get with Etsy Pattern?

Etsy has done a good job of making Pattern very easy to use. If you haven’t used Pattern before, you get a 30 day free trial to test it out. You also get blog functionality if you want to use that feature and the ability to have all of your Etsy reviews show up on your new website.

Pros of Etsy Pattern

The biggest pro of Etsy Pattern is that it’s easy. Your listings, photos, and reviews are already on Etsy. So no need to reupload and start all of your listings from scratch.

Another pro for for this platform is that it’s only $15. Competing website services are often double that, with the possibility of adding apps to your website that increase the price even more.

Cons of Etsy Pattern

Cheaper isn’t always better. There are definitely some cons to using Pattern. The first is that it’s not very customizable compared to normal website builders. Which quickly gets frustrating when you want your brand and website to look a certain way for your buyers.

The second (and biggest) con to Etsy Pattern is exactly what makes it so easy. It’s connected to Etsy. If for some reason you would ever lose your Etsy shop (even temporarily), you would also lose your website. And that’s exactly when you would need your website the most.

Should you use Etsy Pattern?

So should you use Etsy pattern for your website? While it’s not the worst choice, the lack of customization and the link to Etsy mean I can’t recommend it to any Etsy seller. I highly recommend using Shopify instead.

Many Etsy sellers are worried about the higher monthly charges from Shopify, but it’s the gold standard for product business websites for a reason. If you’re worried about spending an extra $15 – $30 a month on your website, then you aren’t ready to have your own website.

Try an email list instead! It’s cheaper, easier, and more effective for increasing your revenue for your product business.

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