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Sarah Waggoner

What is the difference between Views and Visits on Etsy?

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This is a super common question from Etsy sellers looking to figure out their Etsy stats and conversion rates. So let’s talk today about the difference between views and visits on Etsy.

What Are Views and Visits?

Here’s an analogy that makes this really easy to understand. Let’s pretend you own a local t-shirt shop. A customer walks into your shop and looks at 5 different shirts. Then they leave. That is 1 shop visit, but 5 views.

Etsy works this same way.

Views on Etsy occur when a potentially customer looks at a listing page. A buyer may go to 5 different listings in your shop. That would be 5 views to your Etsy shop. That same customer who views 5 products, only counts as one visit.

Why Should You Care About Them?

You want to keep on eye on both visits and views to monitor the health and growth of your Etsy shop. Here’s what these stats can tell you.

Traffic Growth

If you want to grow your revenue on Etsy, then you want to grow your traffic. There is no goal ratio for views to visits for your shop, but monitoring both of these numbers will help you monitor the overall health and growth of your Etsy business.

Conversion Rate

You don’t just want to increase your traffic, you want sales too. That means you want to monitor your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is how many sales you get per 100 visits to your shop. To calculate this number you want to take the number of sales divided by the number of visits x 100.

A normal conversion rate is 1-3%. If your shop’s conversion rate is lower than that, you’ll want to focus on increasing that in addition to increasing your traffic.

How to increase your Etsy traffic

Now that you know the difference between your views and visits on Etsy, let’s increase them to get you more sales. You want to optimize your SEO and your product lines to do this. Ready to learn more about how to do that? Sign up here for my free masterclass on how to get daily sales on Etsy. You’ll learn more about my 5 step process for improving your consistency on Etsy. See you there!


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