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What To Do When You Accidentally Let An Etsy Listing Expire

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Listings on Etsy last for 4 months. After that time ends, the listing will either expire or automatically renew, depending on your shop and listing settings. But what if you accidentally let an Etsy listing expire? What should you do?

How expired listings affect your shop

First let’s talk about why it even matters if listings expire.

Expired listings can lose their search rankings. How quickly that happens depends on your listing and the search terms that it was ranking for. More competitive search terms will lose ranking quickly as you have a lot of competition to replace your products.

If this happens to you, you’ll want to renew your listing and do as much as you can to boost your Etsy shop visibility to regain your ranking.

How to renew a listing after it expires

To renew your listing, go to your shop dashboard and select the listing or listings that you want to renew.

Selected listings will have an orange highlight around them.

Then move to the top of your screen and hit “renew.” You’ll then have the option to change quantities and renew.

How to boost a listing after it expires

If your listing has lost some ranking for your target keywords, there are some things you can do to boost it back up. Here are some great ideas.

Renew the listing

Renewing a listing on Etsy isn’t a good long-term strategy for increasing your search rankings. It can be a great way to give a small boost to listings in the short term, especially listings that have a great history and listing quality score.

Use Etsy ads

Etsy ads can be a great way to quickly boost visibility for listings that convert well. If your listing’s conversion rate is normal or above, try using Etsy ads to increase sales and organic rankings.

Send marketing traffic

Marketplaces like Etsy love it when you send your own traffic, especially if that traffic converts well! Consider a marketing push from your social media channels and email list. You can even offer a coupon code specifically for the listing that you want to boost to encourage buyers to purchase quickly.

More tips for expired listings:

Use auto-renewal

If you want to avoid listings expiring in the first place, you’ll want to turn on auto-renewal for your Etsy shop.

If you use this option, make sure to set reminders to check for listings that aren’t selling, so you can update the keywords and SEO.

Keep your quantity levels high

Listings will also sell out when you have them set for a low quantity. Make sure to keep your inventory levels accurate to ensure your listings are marked as sold out when you could actually sell more.


Accidentally letting a listing sell out or expire can decrease your search rankings on Etsy but there are a handful of ways you can fight back in the algorithm. Make sure to change your settings so you aren’t letting listings expire or go out of stock frequently to maintain your search rankings more effectively.


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