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Sarah Waggoner

One of the most popular questions I get from other Etsy sellers when I tell them how successful my shop has been, is “What do you sell?” But here’s the deal…that’s the wrong question. Because what makes me successful on Etsy isn’t what I sell, but how I sell it.

So we’re going to cover today the most important questions to ask yourself before deciding what to sell on Etsy.

What Makes you Profit

Question number one, always and forever, is what you can make a profit on. I don’t care if you want your shop to remain a hobby forever, if you aren’t making a profit and paying yourself for your time, then there is no reason to waste your time trying to figure out how Etsy works. Sell on social media where you friends and family can you help share your products instead.

If you’re on Etsy and you’re here because you want to make money and turn your shop into a business, then every single item you list needs to be able to make a profit for you. I don’t buy supplies or make anything until I’ve researched supply costs, time investment, shipping, and pricing.

What Buyers are Searching For

You might have an amazing idea, but if buyers aren’t searching for what you’re selling then your job is a lot harder than it needs to be. So dive into that keyword research to discover what buyers are looking for before listing.

Side note…this doesn’t mean make what everyone else is making. This means find search terms that fit what you want to make and put your own unique spin on your products.

What you Love

I personally hate making complicated items that take more than 10-15 minutes. So I’m obviously never going to take up a niche that takes forever to make no matter how popular and profitable that niche may be.

A great example of this is doormats. I started making them and very quickly learned I hated going to the garage to paint and then waiting for everything to dry. Could I have made a lot of money on them? Yup. Were buyers searching for them? Oh yeah! Etsy even promotes the heck out of them. But every time I got an order for one, I dreaded making it.

Selling regularly on Etsy is hard work. If you don’t love the products that you’re making every day then your shop won’t last. Make something you love and can get excited about.

Your next steps

I know it would have been a lot easier if I told you to just make some earrings and move on with your shop. Answering these three questions is going to be so much better for helping you decide what to sell on Etsy.

Need more help? My course, The Handmade Creative, teaches you how I price my products for profit and easily do my keyword research to see exactly what buyers are looking for on Etsy. Learn more about it in my free masterclass here.



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