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What Kind of Etsy Seller Are You?

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And more importantly…why does it matter?

Sellers at a certain level usually have one set of things they all need to do to improve.  So the level you’re currently at tells you what you need to do next to reach your goals! Keep reading to see what level you are at and what your next steps should be to start climbing up that Etsy success ladder.

Beginner Etsy Sellers

Beginner sellers have few to no sales.  You haven’t done any SEO research. You might not even know what SEO stands for. Maybe you just threw a few listings up and hoped for the best.  I know that’s how I started!  So what do you need to do to improve?

Every beginner seller needs to fully develop their product lines and learn SEO. Every single one. More listings and good keywords equals more traffic.  This will get you more sales and lead to the next level.

To really develop your product lines you need to decide what to focus on. Pick a product that has sold the best, has the best profit margin, or that you enjoy the most. Then develop other products with some variations.

As far as SEO goes, learning it can be a huge task! But it’s so important! The first year my shop was opened, I made less than $500. The following year, I learned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and had over $30,000 in revenue! I believe in learning Etsy SEO so much that I developed a course to teach you too! It’s designed to be quick to get through so you can start implementing it as soon as possible. Click here to check it out.

Intermediate Etsy Sellers

Intermediate sellers maybe have 50-100 sales.  They’ve invested some time into learning how to make Etsy work for them and found some success.  But now they want to get sales more regularly.

Intermediate sellers have varying needs.  Sometimes they still need better developed product lines and SEO. (Think sellers who maybe have a big social media following and get sales through that channel but don’t know how to make Etsy do any of the work for them…you pay those Etsy fees for a reason! Learn SEO to take advantage of the traffic they can bring you).

Intermediate sellers need to get on social media!  Pick ONE platform and master it.  Resist the urge to be everywhere.  Get good at one platform and you’ll have much more success. Pick one that you enjoy and that your target market hangs out on.

Advanced Etsy Sellers

The next level is the Advanced Seller.  You are thinking about making a real business (either full or part time) out of Etsy and need to start getting systems in place.  You need to start paying yourself regularly if you haven’t already.  I owe being able to go full time in my business to implementing Profit First and recommend that every single seller read this book no matter what level you are at. It will teach you to pay yourself and keep your expenses in check.

Advanced sellers also are ready to start promoted listings.  You have a few best sellers and a good conversion rate so use Etsy advertising to put those to work for you by advertising your best sellers.

Advanced sellers also need to get a bigger social media presence.  Think multiple platforms and investing into a Pinterest scheduler to keep things consistent. I personally use (and love) Tailwind.

Final Resources to Level Up

No matter which level you are at, I’ve been there before. And I want to help advance you to the next level and reach your Etsy shop goals!  So let me finish up by talking about a few more resources to help you move from one stage to the other.

First, I’ve made my SEO course easier than ever to get due to the pandemic. I’ve added a payment plan. For those of you that want to pay in full instead, you can use the code “HELPNOW” for 20% off for this month only.

This is the exact SEO process that took my shop from $500 in revenue in 2016 to $30,000 in 2017! I’d LOVE for this course to do that for you too! SEO is the base to every single shop that is making a good and consistent income. So here’s the link to my SEO course. It’s incredibly easy to get through and start implementing right away.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you have questions!



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