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Sarah Waggoner

What You Shouldn’t Outsource as Full Time Etsy Seller

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As a full-time Etsy seller, you are going to need to outsource parts of your business. Not many full-time product business owners can be the sole employee in their business and that’s OK because outsourcing allows you to keep your free time. It also ensures that you are getting tasks off your to-do list that other people could do better than you can. But some things should stay on your to-do list as the business owner. Keep reading for what you shouldn’t outsource as a full-time Etsy seller.

Why you shouldn’t outsource the stuff on this list

There are tasks that only you can do for your Etsy shop for a variety of reasons. Remember you are the expert in your business. You know your audience best. You are your brand voice. Don’t outsource your own expertise.

On the other side of things, there are some tasks you might not be an expert in that you are considering outsourcing but don’t have the budget for. Outsourcing tasks that you aren’t prepared to pay for unless you get an immediate ROI can end up being a frustrating and costly mistake.

Let’s cover the most common examples of tasks you shouldn’t outsource in your handmade business.

Social Media and Marketing

This is one of the first things that many Etsy sellers want to outsource because of the work involved in creating content for your audience. It might seem like you can make more sales as a small business by handing off all of your marketing to a professional. But I want you to think twice about this!

First, when it comes to outsourcing your social media and marketing, you truly get what you pay for. Most Etsy sellers want a social media manager who will design your marketing strategy, create content for you, engage with your customers, hang out in your DM’s, and get you sales. And that’s great if you have the budget for it and you’re confident that your Etsy shop can maintain that budget even with an immediate ROI.

But here’s what not to do. Don’t hire a virtual assistant and expect them to act as a social media strategist on a VA budget. If you have the budget for a VA, you will still be creating your own content and the VA will schedule it for you.

Don’t get me wrong, that can save you some time. But it’s not the same as someone creating high-quality content for you.

Hiring someone to do email marketing for you has the same rules. Writing really good emails is a very specific skill. If you want someone to create good-quality email content for you in your brand voice, you need to hire a copywriter to get the results you want.

Social Media Ads

It may seem like an easy way to make some extra money in your Etsy shop. Just hire an ad agency and get a lot of sales. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

I will admit that running social media ads isn’t easy. The Meta platform for Instagram and Facebook ads changes frequently. The back end can be confusing. It’s hard to get the ROI you want.

But even if you hire a professional to run ads for you, it’s not a quick fix for getting more sales. It can take a few months to start and scale your ads until you’re profitable. So this isn’t something you should outsource unless you have a budget for 6+ months of ads.


A lot like social media ads, PR campaigns do not bring in more sales right away. So unless you have a budget large enough to last you 3-6 months at a minimum, you shouldn’t be outsourcing your PR.

For a DIY solution, try using something like Qwoted to get your own PR features.

SEO Services

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s how Etsy uses your tags and titles to decide where you should rank in the searches being completed on the platform. And there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t outsource this task for your handmade shop.

First, you need every listing on Etsy to be optimized for your target keywords. So if you hire some random person off Fiverr to do a few listings, you’ll just be wasting your money.

Second, you will need to update your SEO a few times a year to stay relevant and the cost can add up quickly if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

The good news is that Etsy SEO is easy to learn. I teach my entire process in my membership and make it so easy you can get access now and have your SEO process figured out in just a few hours. Click here to watch my free masterclass where you can learn more about my Etsy process and the membership.

Idea Generation

What business your business unique is you and your ideas! Outsourcing product design and idea generation for new listings can lead to generic products that don’t resonate with your audience. If you have a successful Etsy shop already, you’re obviously good at creating new products for your business. If you want help with this hire a consultant but keep control over the new products you’re releasing.


Your handmade business needs to outsource if you want to continue to grow. Want an example of what you should be outsourcing? Click here to get the list.


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