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What’s a product line on Etsy?

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If you’re trying to grow your Etsy shop, understanding what your product lines are is important for getting found in Etsy search and converting the people that find you into buyers. And it’s a strategy that often ignored, especially by beginners sellers. So let’s learn how to use product lines to your advantage on Etsy.

What are product lines?

A product line is group of similar products in your Etsy shop. I encourage you to think of these like how buyers are searching for your products.

Here’s an example…

If you sell t-shirts, you might make shirts with mom sayings, grandma sayings, shirts for the gym, shirts for kids birthdays, and holiday shirts. But the person who finds your listing for a shirt with a grandma saying on it, isn’t going buy a kid’s birthday party shirt instead, right?

Those are two different product lines.

Let’s use digital planners as another example. If you make digital planners, you might have daily, monthly, and weekly planners, meal planners, fitness planners, social media planners, business planners, and budgeting planners. But a buyer searching for a social media planner isn’t going to use a financial planner for that purpose. So those are all different product lines.

Why are product lines important?

Product lines are important on Etsy for two main reasons. The first is that Etsy sees you as more important for keywords that are saturated in your shop. So when you fill a product line in your shop, you’re more likely to show up for searches for those keywords.

Here’s a real world example. If you’ve listed 40 graduation invitations and 1 wedding invitation in your shop, Etsy sees this and you telling them that you’re most important for graduation invitation and they’re more likely to show you in those types of searches.

The second reason product lines are important on Etsy is because they help improve your conversion rate. Buyers will feel more confident in your products if they see a shop full of similar listings and they’ll be more likely to find something that they want to buy. Need to learn more about conversion rates? Read this blog post.

How many listings are in a full product line?

Unfortunately, there is no set number of listings you need for a full product line. It depends on how much demand their is for your product, how much competition you have, how much traffic you can send from social media to boost the listing, and more.

How to create a successful product line.

To create a successful product line that becomes a bestseller on Etsy, you want to decide what product line you want to focus on first. Then add listings to that product line focusing on good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to get found by Etsy buyers. Learn more about SEO here.


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