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Sarah Waggoner

Why are my Etsy Listings Are Not Showing Up In Etsy Search Results?

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Etsy is a great place for small businesses to sell their handmade products online. It’s one of the quickest and easiest platforms to become profitable with. But if you’re having trouble getting your Etsy shop listings found on the site, there are several things that could be causing the problem.

Product Lines

A product line is a group of similar products in your shop. Having full product lines on Etsy is important to being found in searches. If you aren’t getting a lot of traffic from Etsy, it might be because you don’t have enough listings in your niche.

Start by picking one product type for one type of person and focus on that one niche until you start getting found in more searches. Need more help understanding product lines? Check out my podcast episode here to learn more.

Keyword Research

It’s really important to know what keywords your potential buyers are using when they use the Etsy search bar to search for your type of products. So make sure you have a keyword research strategy you love. You can use the Etsy search bar, Etsy specific keyword research tools, and even your competitors listings to help you.

(Using your competitors listings might be a good way to brainstorm new keyword ideas, but don’t copy and paste them into your title. Trying to rank your brand new listings for the exact title of a competitor who is already making sales isn’t a good strategy! And it’s just rude…)

SEO Formatting

Once you find those perfect keywords, you need to format them in your tags and titles correctly to let Etsy know how important you are for your target keywords. If you aren’t getting found in Etsy searches this can be a really easy fix.

Making Too Many Changes

It can take Etsy up to 30 days to even realize that you’ve made some SEO changes to your listings. That means if you’re changing your keywords for each listing more often than that, you aren’t giving Etsy enough time to even notice you’ve changed everything. I recommend changing keywords at least 60 if not 90 days apart.

Ready to to make some real SEO progress and start getting those listings found in Etsy search. Make sure to sign up for my free masterclass here that teaches you my 5 step process for getting daily sales on Etsy.


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