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Sarah Waggoner

Why Etsy sales are down (and what to do about it)

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If you haven’t made as many sales as you wanted in the last few months, you might be wondering exactly why Etsy sales are down for your shop right now. There are a lot of reasons why your revenue could have taken a dip on the platform. I’m going to walk you through the top reasons why and then tell you how to increase your Etsy sales again.

Why your Etsy sales dropped

Declining sales can come from dozens of different factors, unfortunately. Here are the top reasons why your Etsy shop has lost revenue:

  • Decreased demand for your products

  • Increased competition

  • Poor Etsy SEO

  • Bad customer service experiences

  • A change in buyer behavior due to any number of factors from finances to the news to the weather

  • Advertising becoming less effective

  • Changing trends leading to a decrease in search results on Etsy

It’s not easy to snap your fingers and figure out why your sales are decreasing because there are so many different factors that can come into play. Some of these factors aren’t even in your control. If a half the midwest has bad weather for two weeks and shopping decreases due to that change in buyer behavior, you can’t necessarily make people shop again this month.

But there are things you can do to get more sales no matter what the cause of the decrease is. So your next step is to look at your Etsy shop stats to figure out why your sales slowed.

Deep dive into your Etsy stats

I know this doesn’t sound fun, but it’s an essential step for figuring out what’s happening with your business.

The first thing to do is to pull up stats from the current time period. I suggest looking at longer durations to get the big-picture information. At a minimum, look at your stats for the last 30 days, but preferably for the last 12 months.

Then you’re going to want to pull up your stats from the same time in the previous year.

As you start to compare the two time periods, you might understand what is happening a little better.

If your Etsy search stats have gone down as a whole with no one keyword showing a dramatic reduction larger than the rest, that information points to a problem with the demand for your products or your business as a whole.

You might need an SEO refresh to improve your search placement for your listings. You also need to consider other factors that affect your entire shop like processing times, shipping prices, and if your product lines are truly full in any category.

If after diving into your stats, you see a handful of particular keywords that aren’t working for you any longer, you’ll want a plan for increasing your ranking for those particular keywords.

How to increase your sales again

To increase your sales, you’ll want to focus on both getting more visits and increasing your conversion rate. Here are the best methods for doing both of these.

Increase your traffic

Most Etsy shop owners have a normal conversion rate between 1-3%. If that’s you, you’ll want to focus on increasing your traffic to get more sales. Next are the top ways to get more visits to your Etsy shop.

Etsy search

Your Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important factor for getting organic traffic from Etsy’s millions of buyers coming to the platform each year.

Click here to learn more about Etsy SEO.

Product Lines

Full product lines are important on Etsy because they let the platform know that your shop is important for certain keywords. Etsy is really unique as a platform in that quantity matters when it comes to search engine rankings.

Click here to learn more about how many listings you need for a full product line.

Social media

Social media marketing is one of the most suggested methods for increasing your Etsy traffic and for good reason.

Posting on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram can help build a loyal audience that loves your products and will purchase from you again and again.

If you’re just starting to take social media seriously make sure you are attracting the right audience (customers, not other makers), posting consistently, and using your personality to shine through the competition on whatever platform you choose.

Increase your conversions

A small increase in your conversion rate can mean a lot of extra sales as your traffic on Etsy scales. Here are some easy ways to quickly increase your conversion rate.

Processing times

Buyers want their products quickly. You can blame Amazon or you can join them.

While handmade sellers can’t be expected to ship products immediately after a purchase, do your best to keep processing times low to increase your conversion rates.

Shipping costs

Another thing we can all blame Amazon for, right? People love free shipping. If you can’t build the cost of shipping into your product listings, make sure to keep charges as low as possible to avoid sticker shock at checkout.

Want to learn more about conversion rates? Click here.


It’s not easy to figure out why your Etsy sales have declined, but taking the time to analyze your stats is worth it if you want to correct the issues that are causing your revenue to decrease.

Need to improve your SEO, product lines, or just get help increasing sales for your business? Click here to watch my free masterclass and learn more about working with me as your Etsy coach.


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