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Why you aren’t getting any sales on Etsy

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If you have an Etsy shop set up, but aren’t getting any action I’m sure you ask yourself this question every day.  How do I get more sales on Etsy?  Keep reading to learn about the two reasons you aren’t getting sales on Etsy!

A lack of sales on Etsy boils down to 2 different categories of reasons.  That’s it!  You either have a bad conversion rate or not enough traffic.  Let’s talk about the issues that can cause each of these two problems.

1. Not Enough Traffic

You may have 5 listings or 500, but if you are getting only a handful of views a day you aren’t going to be getting regular sales.  A good conversion rate is between 1-3%.  So even the perfectly styled shops won’t get a sales if they are only getting 10 views a day.  Why aren’t you getting any views?  Let’s explore that a little further!

There are three main reasons for low views and visits.  The first is that you have crappy SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  There are a few important factors in SEO.  You need to target the right keywords, you need to target accurate keywords for your product, and you need to match your tags and titles.  How do you know if you’re targeting the right keywords.  You are going to have to start researching them!  Use Etsy Rank or Marmalead to find out how competitive your keywords are and how often Etsy buyers are searching for them.

Why else might you have low views?  If you have bad photos, you can have the best SEO in the world…but no one will click on your listings!  Your photos will never be perfect (trust me…mine aren’t), but they need to look professional.

The last main reason sellers have low visits is because you don’t have enough listings.  You get 13 tags for each listing.  So if you have 10 items that’s 130 possible keywords.  If you have 50 listings?  650!  So if we are purely looking at the numbers, the more items you have the more keywords you can target.  There isn’t a “magic” number of listings that will help your shop succeed, but having more quality listings will help!

Now let’s talk about the second category!

2. Bad Conversion Rates

Let’s say you are getting a lot of visits and views, but you still aren’t getting any regular sales.  You have a whole different list of potential problems than the sellers who aren’t getting any traffic.  We’ll go over some those reasons now.

First of all, what’s a conversion rate?  It’s the percentage of sales you get for every 100 visits.  An average conversion rate is 1-3 sales per 100 visits.  And there are a whole lot of reasons why yours might be lower than that.

Your item description may leave your shop visitors with questions.  If your description is too short to contain all the information it should or too long that it’s hard to read, buyers will move onto the next shop.

You might not have enough options for your buyers.  They might want different sizes, colors, or personalization options.  Are you getting a lot of questions about certain options?  Give your buyers what they want!

The last big reason for low conversion rates can be high shipping rates.  DON’T BE MAD AT ME!  I know Etsy is stressing this and that’s stressing a lot of sellers.  But here’s the deal, Etsy tests these things and they have stats that show lower shipping rates help your conversion rates.  Etsy even surveyed buyers and found out they were 50% less likely to buy an item if they thought the shipping was unexpectedly high!  Now, I am not one to tell every seller to do free shipping on every item.  I don’t even have free shipping on most of the items in my shop!  But if your conversion rate isn’t where it should be, take a look at what your competitors are doing and consider making the move to free shipping if it makes since for your business.


Your shop’s low sales boil down to not enough visits or a bad conversion rate.  If you aren’t getting as many sales as you want, after reading this article do you know why?

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