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Why you aren’t getting daily sales on Etsy

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I am very excited to announce that doors are opened to The Handmade Creative, my signature Etsy course that teaches you how to get daily sales on Etsy. This course covers everything that you need to get consistent sales and be profitable on Etsy in 2022.  It walks you through my signature process of setting goals, creating a product line buyers are searching for, and getting that product line found by Etsy buyers in a way that’s really simple.

And in honor of the course opening this week, I want to talk to you today about the top three reasons why you are not already getting daily sales on Etsy.

Planning and Prioritizing

The first reason is that you aren’t planning or prioritizing.

If you’re not getting consistent sales on Etsy yet, know that you are not alone in having some obstacles to reaching this goal. You might have a full-time job or kids at home, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get consistent sales for your shop. It does mean, however, that you have to plan and prioritize a little bit better than someone who doesn’t have the same obstacles that you have.

Knowing what your priorities are at this stage, no matter what is holding you back from achieving this goal, is really important because then when you sit down to work in your limited time that you do have, you’re able to sit down and get right to work on the activities that are going to bring you revenue instead of wasting time trying to decide what to do every day.

This may seem like a little thing when you think about it at surface level, but 10 to 15 minutes a day wasted trying to figure out what you’re going to work on in the hour or so that you do have adds up to hours every single month.   It also causes you to procrastinate on some of the tasks that are most important for your business.

If you sit down to work at the end of the night and you’re really tired because you had a long day at work or with the kids and you didn’t plan or prioritize what you were going to work on during that time it’s really easy to do busy work instead of important work.  You might end up scheduling another week of boring social media posts that don’t convert instead of working on SEO to get traffic from Etsy which is a lot more important when you aren’t getting consistent sales.

I often would waste time at this stage by scheduling out another week of pins on Pinterest. Yes, this got me some traffic and was something that helped me move the needle forward in the beginning of my business but only by small percentages.   The big needle mover would have been adding more listings in product lines that buyers were searching for and getting those things found in search.

Instead I wasted a lot of time because I was tired and not planning ahead.  

In reality I could have gotten a lot more rest and grown more quickly if I had gotten rid of the busy work that I thought I should be doing and prioritized what was actually going to create more revenue in my business at that time.

Having Enough Listings

The second most common reason for not getting daily sales on Etsy is that you don’t have enough listings.

It is very hard to get found in search on Etsy when you only have a handful of listings. Some of the more saturated niches need dozens more listings than niches that aren’t as saturated. So if you’re selling jewelry or digital downloads or anything related to the wedding industry, you’re going to need a lot more listings then niches that aren’t as saturated.

There is no specific number of listings for any category, but this helps you in a few different ways

One. when you have more listings that are overlapping search terms Etsy sees you as more important for those search terms that you’re trying to rank for and you’re more likely to get found by buyers

Two. When you have more listings buyers are more likely to find exactly what they want instead of leaving your store to buy from a competitor who has more variety

Now this does not mean throwing up 300 listings with bad photos and junky SEO.  It’s so much easier to get found in search when you are formatting your listings correctly and focusing on product lines that buyers are actually searching for.  So always quality over quantity. But you can have perfect SEO and still not get found in search because you only have a few listings in a saturated niche.

Search Engine Optimization

The third most common reason that you are not getting daily sales on Etsy is your SEO. Etsy has a specific way of formatting listings that makes you more likely to get found in search.

It’s also really important that you’re choosing keywords that buyers are using in order to get the most traffic.

This is not something that changes regularly despite what you see when sellers are complaining in Etsy Facebook groups. Etsy does not change this format all that often because changes in this will create a bad experience from buyers  and that means less sales which means less money for Etsy.

So once you learn your SEO process and start getting found in search you create what I like to call the Etsy snowball.

What happens is that you get found in search, you get a sale or two, you get some good reviews, and that makes your listing quality score go up to move you up in the search results and so you get even more sales and even more reviews. That’s how you land at the top of buyers’ searches and is the best way to make super consistent sales on Etsy as quickly and as easily as possible.

There are the top three reasons why you are not getting consistent daily sales on Etsy year-round. And if you are ready to start getting daily sales on Etsy I want you to click here and join us in the handmade creative this week.  

This course really covers all of the information and tactics that I used to create my first $30,000 year on Etsy. We’re going to help you focus on the product lines that buyers are searching, we’re going to get your listings found by etsy buyers, and we’re going to pick 1 super easy social media platform that you can put in a small amount of time each week in order to start building your following. 

This course is a lifetime access course, so on the occasions that Etsy does update the algorithm you are always going to have somewhere to turn to get answers for what you should be doing to take advantage of the changes that they make.

I’m really excited to work with you for the rest of the year so you can create a consistent, profitable, easy business on Etsy.



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