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Sarah Waggoner

Why you have favorites, but no sales

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I hear this all the time.

“I get a lot of favorites, but how do I convert them to sales?”

Here’s the deal (and it might surprise you). 95% of the time, this isn’t the actual problem you should be focusing on.

Here’s how you can tell…

First, check your conversion rate on your stats page. If your conversion rate is normal (between 1-3%) or you’ve had less than 100 visits in the last 30 days, then you do not need to worry about favorites for another second. You need to focus on traffic and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

If your conversion is below that and you have had more than 100 visits in the last 30 days, then yes you do need to focus on “turning favorites into sales.” AKA converting traffic into buyers.

So your next step is figuring out why people aren’t buying. I could give you a list a mile long of what could possibly be causing your low conversion rate. Some of these are easier than others to fix than others, but let’s list the biggest culprits.

  • Listing is description confusing

  • Listing variations are confusing

  • Listing missing important details (like size, etc.)

  • Listing description isn’t professional

  • Listing has bad photos

  • Listing doesn’t have enough photos

  • Item price is too high

  • Shipping price is too high

  • Item price is too cheap

  • Buyers don’t have an option they’re looking for (color, size, etc).

  • Listing doesn’t have personalization available

  • Listing is getting found for keywords that aren’t applicable

Now, those aren’t going to apply equally to every shop or even every listing within the same shop. But those examples are a great starting place for you if your conversion rate is low.

And if you’re conversion rate is normal or you just need more traffic to figure out what your conversion rate even is, then make sure to check out JumpStart! It’s my organic marketing training all about getting you more sales in 7 days.



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