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Why Your Etsy Shop Has Lots of Views But No Sales (And How to Fix It)

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Are you frustrated with your Etsy shop getting lots of views but no sales? It can be discouraging to put in the effort to create and list products, only to have them sit idle in your shop. But don’t give up just yet! With a little bit of analysis and some strategic changes, you can turn those views into sales. Here’s how.

Are you really getting a lot of traffic?

Before you start making changes to your Etsy shop, it’s important to make sure that you’re actually getting a lot of traffic. Sometimes, what feels like a lot of views may not actually be enough to generate sales. Check your shop stats to see how many views you’re getting every 30 days. Once you have that number handy, move onto the next step which is evaluating your conversion rate.

Evaluate your conversion rate.

To find your conversion rate on Etsy, you want to take your sales divided by the number of visits x 100. So if you’ve had 1 sale and 50 visits, your conversion rate is 2% (1/50 = .02 x 100 = 2%).

A normal conversion rate on Etsy is between 1-3% or higher. So if your conversion rate is in that range or higher, then you aren’t getting enough traffic for the number of sales you want to make and need to focus on increasing traffic through SEO and marketing.

If you haven’t had any sales yet, your conversion rate will be zero. But if you haven’t had over 100 visits in the last 30 days, then you aren’t getting enough traffic to accurately assess your true conversion and aren’t getting enough traffic to make sales regularly.

How to improve your conversion rate on Etsy.

So after you walk through your stats in the process above, if you truly are getting a lot of traffic and need to focus on your conversion rate, there are some specific things to assess.

Conversion rates are affected by dozens, if not hundreds of factors including:

  • Listing photos
  • Item descriptions
  • Availability of variations
  • Processing times
  • Shipping price
  • Confusing listing details
  • Poor keyword choices
  • Marketing to people outside of your target buyers

To raise your conversion rate, you’re going to want to assess what you feel like are the biggest factors in your current stats and change one at a time so you can know what factors truly made a difference in your sales.

Get more Etsy traffic.

So are you really getting a lot of Etsy views, but no sales? Now you know if that’s true. If you do need to increase your conversion rate on Etsy, click here to get my free guide: 33 Ways to Turn Your Etsy Visits into Sales. You’ll get a list of 33 simple ways to increase your conversion rate on Etsy this month.


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  1. My prices are set to include shipping and the 6.5% and 3% of fees which equals to 10% over the price and shipping plus _ 2- 8 dlls in profit. What is the normal profit I should include per item?

    Thank you

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